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Sunbeam-soaked nostalgia * Egypt

Four years ago, I visited Egypt for the first time. I recently remembered that I wrote a poem about my experiences there – so here’s something a bit different – a taste of Egypt in free verse.


Cairo, Egypt, 2010
Cairo, Egypt, 2010





sunbeams spill,
streaming down from above,
painting my upturned face
innumerable shades of gold.

A permeating heat,
hypnotizing –
my blood and the air become one
as I dissolve,
to unite with
that shimmering disk in the sky.


Ra slips beneath the horizon,
death descends on the world-
Osiris tends his field in the darkness,
the languor remains-
heat less tangible,

(bare feet in the dust)

Kings form patterns
in the inky blue-black expanse above.


Horus wheels above the valley
at first light,
incandescent gods dance
on the Nile,
reflected as fragments of liquid gold.

The sun again caressing mortality,
life slips slowly
into a sublime




(This poem was originally posted on my DeviantART account).

You are welcome to use my work as long as no changes are made, and I am credited with the original. Thank you!


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