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Exploring Napoli & The Amalfi Coast: Mediterranean Paradise On A Budget

The Amalfi Coast has become a popular destination for luxury beach holidays, and it’s not hard to see why – with its dramatic craggy coastline, gorgeous, tiny hotels and B&Bs perched atop cliffs overlooking Vesuvio and the Bay of Naples, delicious fresh seafood, impossibly blue water, and plenty of small-town Italian culture to discover, this… Continue reading Exploring Napoli & The Amalfi Coast: Mediterranean Paradise On A Budget

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Rome’s Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

The Gatti di Roma (Cats of Rome) are well-know and dearly loved as the elegant, adorable, and lazy residents of the city’s grand ruins. These cats are kept happy and healthy by the amazing work of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, whose volunteers care for them seven days a week. You can visit the sanctuary… Continue reading Rome’s Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

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Frankfurt in Shades of Grey

No matter the season, Frankfurt am Main has its intimate, humid, grey days. The locals call it “die Suppe”, or “the soup”, which describes the thick layer of clouds that obscure the sky on grey days. I love the contrast between Frankfurt’s old, brown and white buildings and the glimmering, reflective glass skyscrapers – especially… Continue reading Frankfurt in Shades of Grey

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Ostia Antica – Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Ostia Antica was one of the very first colonies established by the ancient Romans in Italy. In its glory days it would have been a bustling, cosmopolitan city made wealthy by trade, industry, and commerce. Connected to the capital via the Tiber River, Ostia received goods from other countries in the Mediterranean and beyond (such as grain from… Continue reading Ostia Antica – Daily Life in Ancient Rome

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Elgin, South Africa – A Romantic Escape into the Apple Valley

A Spring Wedding in the Overberg Countryside Last year in October, my husband and I had our family wedding celebration at South Hill Farm in Elgin, just outside of Cape Town. October is springtime in South Africa, which means frequent cloudbursts, apple blossoms, green vineyards, sunshine, and bright blue skies dotted with wispy white clouds.… Continue reading Elgin, South Africa – A Romantic Escape into the Apple Valley

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The Colosseum – History, Architecture & Trivia

The Colosseum is one of the most iconic remnants of the ancient world. A gargantuan building that has stood for almost 2000 years, damaged only by the looting activities of modern humans, it never fails to impress those who lay eyes upon it for the first time. Its enormous size, ingenious architectural features, fascinating history,… Continue reading The Colosseum – History, Architecture & Trivia