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Rome’s Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

The Gatti di Roma (Cats of Rome) are well-know and dearly loved as the elegant, adorable, and lazy residents of the city’s grand ruins. These cats are kept happy and healthy by the amazing work of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, whose volunteers care for them seven days a week. You can visit the sanctuary… Continue reading Rome’s Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

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Ostia Antica – Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Ostia Antica was one of the very first colonies established by the ancient Romans in Italy. In its glory days it would have been a bustling, cosmopolitan city made wealthy by trade, industry, and commerce. Connected to the capital via the Tiber River, Ostia received goods from other countries in the Mediterranean and beyond (such as grain from… Continue reading Ostia Antica – Daily Life in Ancient Rome

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The Colosseum – History, Architecture & Trivia

The Colosseum is one of the most iconic remnants of the ancient world. A gargantuan building that has stood for almost 2000 years, damaged only by the looting activities of modern humans, it never fails to impress those who lay eyes upon it for the first time. Its enormous size, ingenious architectural features, fascinating history,… Continue reading The Colosseum – History, Architecture & Trivia

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Rome on a Budget

Rome is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world – it has awe-inspiring ancient ruins, romantic side-walk cafés, exceptionally delicious food and wine (Roman pizza ❤ ), a wealth of history, lush green parks in the middle of the city, the best espressos in the world, beautiful people, and the most magical… Continue reading Rome on a Budget

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Rome: 3 Short & Scenic Walking Routes

Rome is designed for walking – the multitude of hills, large public parks, narrow, cobblestoned streets, and charming piazzas offer ample opportunities for exploring the city on foot. While it’s always best to wander a bit in-between your tourist itinerary items, it’s also often useful to have an idea of where to walk, and what… Continue reading Rome: 3 Short & Scenic Walking Routes

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The Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

The best introduction to the history, architectural marvels, and landmarks of Ancient Rome is a full day spent on the Palatine Hill and exploring the Roman Forums. Whilst it’s already overwhelming just walking among the gargantuan ruins of an ancient civilization, the archaeological sites are also large, complex, and often it is difficult to identify… Continue reading The Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

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Falling in Love with Rome

Go thou to Rome,—at once the Paradise,     The grave, the city, and the wilderness;     And where its wrecks like shattered mountains rise,     And flowering weeds, and fragrant copses dress     The bones of Desolation’s nakedness     Pass, till the spirit of the spot shall lead     Thy footsteps to a slope of green access     Where, like an infant’s… Continue reading Falling in Love with Rome