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Travel Tips for Beating Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a bitch, especially if you love travelling. It’s actually a miracle that I can travel at all, considering my comorbid conditions – motion sickness, anxiety, and emetophobia (pathological fear of vomiting) – so I thought I’d share some of my own tips and coping mechanisms with my fellow travellers ­čÖé Whenever I… Continue reading Travel Tips for Beating Motion Sickness

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Practical & Creative Travel Photography Tips

Having travelled a fair amount, and also being a passionate amateur photographer, I have learned a lot about taking great travel pictures. I learned mainly by trial and error, and everything I know I want to┬áshare with you, so you can make your own travel photos more creative and capture amazing moments without camera catastrophes.… Continue reading Practical & Creative Travel Photography Tips

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Berlin on a Budget

Berlin – the cosmopolitan capital of Germany. A gigantic, gritty city that effortlessly blends East and West – acknowledging the past by┬ábuilding a future right around┬áit. A city┬ásaturated in history, horrors, and social liberation. A city of modern art and hipster culture, quirky street fashion and vegan restaurants, and open public green spaces in every… Continue reading Berlin on a Budget

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Eco-friendly, Ethical Travel Tips

Over the years, I’ve changed my daily habits and become mindful of my lifestyle choices to better suit my belief in eco-friendly, ethical living – and this includes the choices I make when travelling. You’d be surprised at how small, mindful changes can make a huge difference to the environment and to communities you come… Continue reading Eco-friendly, Ethical Travel Tips