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My 5 Worst Travel Experiences!

Despite what instagram and Facebook might tell you, travelling is not always glamorous, exciting, or inspiring. Sometimes you get violently sick, or get precious stuff stolen, or you simply get disappointed when your high expectations are not met. So, in the spirit of sharing some “real” travel stories, I’ve (reluctantly) picked my Top 5 Worst… Continue reading My 5 Worst Travel Experiences!

Travel Musings

Travel is the Purest Form of Escapism

Since I haven’t been travelling in a while (although I have a backlog of travel posts staring at me right now!), I thought I’d go for a more personal post today. In my blog introduction, I explained briefly why I love travelling – the promise of endless first times, of breathing new air, and of… Continue reading Travel is the Purest Form of Escapism

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Eco-friendly, Ethical Travel Tips

Over the years, I’ve changed my daily habits and become mindful of my lifestyle choices to better suit my belief in eco-friendly, ethical living – and this includes the choices I make when travelling. You’d be surprised at how small, mindful changes can make a huge difference to the environment and to communities you come… Continue reading Eco-friendly, Ethical Travel Tips

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Weird and Wonderful Things Seen in Cape Town

Over the years, I’ve built up a collection of weird and wonderful things seen on my travels and at home. Public transport in Cape Town was my main inspiration, as you can see below. Many of these made me giggle, or think, “Only in South Africa!”. If you enjoy these pictures, be sure to check… Continue reading Weird and Wonderful Things Seen in Cape Town

Travel Musings

Beyond Bucket Lists and Ticking Boxes

I feel compelled to write about motivations for travel and “obligatory sightseeing” after coming across several scathing TripAdvisor reviews of the statue of Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) in Copenhagen. The majority of reviews expressed disappointment, and some even anger, at their expectations not being met by such a “famous” sight. As you can see, opinions… Continue reading Beyond Bucket Lists and Ticking Boxes